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  1. continue

go on Sentences in English

  1. बनो मत  =  phrase
    `How old are you' `i'm forty.' `go on - you don't look a day over thirty.'

  2. शुरु होना  =  begin
    Why won't the heating go on.

  3. जारी रखना  =  continue
    She doesn't go on till act 2.

  4. चलना  =  happen
    What's going on here.

  5. गुजरना  =  pass
    Things will improve as times goes on.

  6. आगे बढना  =  proceed
    The police don't have much evidence to go on.

  7. शुरू करना  =  start
    Go on the pill.

  8. बात बढाना  =  talk continuously
    I know you don't like me smoking, but there is no need to go on about it.

  9. चालू होना  =  talk excessively
    She does go on sometimes!.

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