go down meaning in hindi

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go down Definitions and meaning in English

  1. lose
  2. fall

go down Sentences in English

  1. जमना  =  agree with
    Rude jokes don't go down too well with my sister.

  2. याद किया जाना  =  be remembered
    He'll go down in history as a great statesmen.

  3. गिरना  =  decrease
    The price of houses is going down.

  4. उतरना  =  reduce
    The swelling has gone down a little.

  5. डुबना  =  sink
    We sat and wathced the sun go down.

  6. गले से उतरना  =  swallow
    The pill just won't go down.

  7. गिरावट आना  =  worsen
    This neighbourhood has gone down a lot recently.

  8. घटना
    Interest in the project began to go down.

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