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Son, Boy

girl Definitions and meaning in English

  1. a young woman
  2. a youthful female person
  3. a female human offspring
  4. a girl or young woman with whom a man is romantically involved
  5. a friendly informal reference to a grown woman
  6. young female person

girl Sentences in English

  1. लड़की  =  boy
    She is the new girl in the office,so give her any help she needs

  2. पुत्री  =  daughter
    Their eldest girl's getting married next month.

  3. स्त्री कर्मी  =  female employee
    An office girl / telephone girl

  4. लड़की  =  unmarried woman
    He was eighteen before he started going out with girls.

  5. प्रेमिका
    His girl kicked him out.

  6. महिला-मित्र
    His girlfriend kicked him out.

  7. युवती
    A girl with good educational background

  8. नवयुवती
    A girl with good educational background

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