get through meaning in kannada

Pronunciation of get through

get through Sentences in English

  1. पूरा करना  =  complete
    I have got through a lot of correspondence today.

  2. सम्पर्क करना  =  contact
    I tried ringing you several times yesterday but i could not get through.

  3. समाप्त करना  =  finish
    As soon as i get through with my work i will join you.

  4. पारित होना  =  pass bill
    Do you think the bill will get through

  5. उतीर्णा होना  =  pass
    Tom failed but his sister got through.

  6. पहुंचना  =  reach
    Thousands of refugees will die if these supplies don't get through.

  7. समझना  =  understand
    I find her impossible to get through it.

  8. पीना  =  use
    She gets through forty cigarette a day.

  9. पहुँचना  =  sports
    Everton have got through to the final.

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