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  1. put clothing on

get on Sentences in English

  1. सम्पर्क में आनाना  =  come into contact
    He had been stealing money from the company for years before the police got on to him.

  2. सम्पर्क करना  =  contact
    If you wish to lodge the complaint you'd better get on to the manager.

  3. निभाना  =  cope up
    I am not getting on very fast with this job.

  4. लगे रहना  =  involve
    Be quite and get on with your work.

  5. जानना  =  know
    It's time we got on to the question of costs.

  6. मिल कर रहना  =  live together
    She and her sister have never really got on.

  7. प्रबन्ध करना  =  manage
    We can get on perfectly well without her.

  8. आगे बढना  =  progress
    Parents are always keen to get for there children to get on.

  9. सफल होना  =  succeed
    Our youngest son is getting on well at school.

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