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  1. infiltrate; find a way in

get in Sentences in English

  1. पहुँचना  =  arrive
    The train got in late.

  2. पेश आना  =  behave
    Have you noticed how he is trying to get in with the boss.

  3. लाना  =  bring
    Remember to get in some beers for the evening.

  4. काम कर लेना  =  complete work
    When do you normally get in from work.

  5. चुना जाना  =  elect
    She first got into parliament in 1959.

  6. प्रवेश पाना  =  entry
    He took the entrance exam but did'nt get in.

  7. भाग लेना  =  participate
    She is hoping to get in on any discussion about the new project.

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