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  1. a quantity that is added
  2. the advantageous quality of being beneficial
  3. the amount of increase in signal power or voltage or current expressed as the ratio of output to input
  4. the amount by which the revenue of a business exceeds itscost of operating
  5. acquisition
  6. winnings
  1. obtain
  2. win something through one's efforts
  3. derive a benefit from
  4. reach a destination, either real or abstract
  5. obtain advantages, such as points, etc.
  6. rise in rate or price
  7. increase in
  8. earn on some commercial or business transaction
  9. earn as salary or wages
  10. increase (one's body weight)
  11. acquire
  12. win

gain Sentences in English

  1. वृद्धि  =  improvement
    A gain in weight of two pounds.

  2. कमाईई  =  money
    He gained lot of money in the share market

  3. लाभ  =  profit
    Your gain is my loss

  4. फ़ायदा  =  profit
    Your gain is my loss

  5. आगे चलना  =  clock
    My watch is gaining five minutes a week.

  6. प्राप्त होना  =  force
    The revolution is gaining thousands of supporters for their cause

  7. सहकार्य मिलना  =  force
    The revolution gained momentum.

  8. प्राप्त करना  =  human
    Gain possessions of sth.

  9. अच्छा होना  =  sick person
    After the disease he is now gaining health

  10. प्राप्त करना  =  lose
    Gain possession of sth.

  11. लाभ उठाना  =  benefit
    You can gained by watching how she works.

  12. मिलना  =  event human
    Bjp gained 3 members from congress

  13. मिलना  =  get
    The car gains speed

  14. आगे चलना  =  go fast
    My watch gains several minutes a day.

  15. बढाना  =  increase
    Diamond gains value after polishing

  16. पर पहुँचना  =  reach
    After swimming for a hour, he finally gained the shore.

  17. बढत प्राप्त करना  =  competitor
    He gained over his competitor

  18. बढ्ना  =  force
    The enemy gained force

  19. अच्छा होना  =  health
    He gained his health from indian medicines

  20. तक पहुंचना  =  place
    We cut a path through the forest and gained the river next day

  21. तक पहुंच जाना  =  place
    We cut a path through the forest and gained the river next day

  22. प्राप्त करना  =  popularity
    He gained popularity in his field.

  23. कमाना  =  profit
    He gained rs.10,000 profit.

  24. बढाना  =  weight
    I think he is gaining weight.

  25. भाव बढ़ना
    The stock market gained 24 points today.

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