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  1. an arithmetic operation performed on floating-point numbers
  2. someone who is unsuccessful
  3. a complete failure
  4. the act of throwing yourself down
  5. miserable failure
  1. with a flopping sound
  2. exactly
  1. fall loosely
  2. fall suddenly and abruptly
  3. fail utterly
  4. collapse
  5. fall limply
  6. fail miserably

flop Sentences in English

  1. असफल
    The share sale has been a flop with investors.

  2. पसर जाना
    Exhausted, he flopped down into a chair.

  3. गिरा होना
    Her hair flopped over her eyes.

  4. पूरी तरह असफल होना
    The play flopped on broadway.

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