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  1. the inside lower horizontal surface (as of a room or hallway)
  2. structure consisting of a room or set of rooms comprising a single level of a multilevel building
  3. a lower limit
  4. the ground on which people and animals move about
  5. the bottom surface of any a cave or lake etc.
  6. the occupants of a floor
  7. the parliamentary right to address an assembly
  8. the legislative hall where members debate and vote and conduct other business
  9. a large room in a stock exchange where the trading is done
  10. "he is a floor trader"
  11. bottom of a room; level of a multistory building
  1. surprise greatly
  2. knock someone's socks off
  3. knock down with force
  4. perplex
  5. confound

floor Sentences in English

  1. जमीन पर गिरा देना  =  place
    The champion wrestler was floored by the challenger

  2. भ्रमित कर देना  =  confuse
    I was floored by his niceness

  3. भौंचक्का कर देना
    I was floored when i heard that i was promoted.

  4. आश्चर्यचकित कर देना
    I was floored when i heard that i was promoted.

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