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flicker Definitions and meaning in English

  1. a momentary flash of light
  2. North American woodpecker
  3. the act of moving back and forth
  4. spark
  5. glimmer
  1. move back and forth very rapidly
  2. shine unsteadily
  3. flash intermittently
  4. sparkle
  5. flutter

flicker Sentences in English

  1. झलक
    A flicker of a smile crossed her face.

  2. टिमटिमाहट
    The flicker of a candle

  3. फड़फड़ाहट
    The flicker of an eyelid

  4. झलकना  =  occur
    Anger flickered in his eyes.

  5. फड़फड़ाना
    Her eyelids flickered as she slept.

  6. टिमटिमाना
    The lights flickered and went out.

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