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  1. the side of military or naval formation
  2. a subfigure consisting of a side of something
  3. a cut from the fleshy part of an animal's side between the ribs and the leg
  4. the side between ribs and hipbone
  5. haunch of an animate being
  1. be located at the sides of something or somebody

flank Sentences in English

  1. पार्श्व भाग  =  army
    Our orders were to attack their left flank.

  2. पार्श्व भाग  =  sports team
    The left or right side of a sports team during a game

  3. बगल
    She patted the horse's flank.

  4. पार्श्व
    The sun lit up the western flank of the hill.

  5. दोनों बगल की रक्षा करना
    She left the courtroom flanked by armed guards.

  6. बगल में होना
    They drove through the flat cotton fields that flanked highway 17.

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