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  1. make palin and comprehensible
  2. define
  3. serve as a reason or cause or justification of
  4. make clear; give a reason for

explain Sentences in English

  1. समजाना  =  human
    She explained the lesson

  2. बताना  =  human, event
    She explained her conduct to her boss

  3. समजाना  =  event
    He explained that the train is very late to everybody

  4. विवरण करना  =  explain
    He explained his plan to us

  5. विवरण देना  =  action
    To explain the process in detail

  6. वरण करना  =  fact
    He explained the facts of the accident

  7. बताना  =  intention
    He explained the intention of the man

  8. समजाना  =  matter
    To explain the matter

  9. बताना  =  meaning
    A dictionary explains the meaning of the words

  10. बताना  =  reason
    That explains his absence

  11. बताना  =  thing
    The lawyer explained the new law

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