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  1. chemical process in which one atom or ion or group changes places with another
  2. a mutual expression of views (especially an unpleasant one)
  3. the act of changing one thing for another thing
  4. the act of giving something in return for something received
  5. a workplace that serves as a telecommunications facility where lines from telephones can be connected together to permit communication
  6. a workplace for buying and selling
  7. reciprocal transfer of equivalent sums of money especially the currencies of different countries
  8. the act of putting one thing or person in the place of another: "he sent Smith in for Jones but the substitution came too late to help" Synonym: substitution, commutation 1
  9. (chess) gaining (or losing) a rook in return for a knight or bishop
  10. (chess) the capture by both players (usually on consecutive moves) of pieces of equal value
  11. trade; deal
  12. place where stocks are bought
  13. sold
  1. give to, and receive from, one another
  2. exchange or replace with another, usually of the same kind or category
  3. change over, change around, or switch over
  4. hand over one and receive another, approximately equivalent
  5. exchange a penalty for a less severe one
  6. trade

exchange Sentences in English

  1. विनिमय  =  rate
    What is the exchanged rate between dollars and rupees

  2. केन्द्र  =  office
    A telephone exchange

  3. अदला बदली  =  thing
    A exchange of gifts

  4. अदला बदल  =  ticket
    Will you exchange the nagpur ticket with the mumbai

  5. एक्स्चेन्ज  =  telephone exchange
    Her house is somewhere near the exchange.

  6. बदली करना  =  human replace thing
    The sellers will allow the purchaser to exchange the goods

  7. विनिमय करना  =  human currency
    He use to exchange the currency with foreigner

  8. डालना  =  human glance
    They exchanged the galnce

  9. करना  =  human greetings
    The two men exhanged the greetings in diwali

  10. आदान-प्रदान करना  =  human idea
    The two mens exchanged the ideas

  11. अदला-बदली करना  =  human thing
    To exchange the goods

  12. लेन देन करना  =  human human
    He exchanged the goods with him

  13. विनिमय करना  =  currency
    To exchange the currency

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