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  1. to come or go into
  2. become a participant
  3. be involved in
  4. register formally as a participant or member
  5. be or play a part of or in
  6. make a record of
  7. set down in permanent form
  8. come on stage
  9. put or introduce into something
  10. take on duties or office
  11. set out on (an enterprise, subject of study, etc.)
  12. come
  13. put into a place
  14. embark on; take part in
  15. record
  16. list

enter Sentences in English

  1. आना  =  actor
    He just entered the theater

  2. घुसना  =  bullet body
    The bullet entered into the flesh

  3. दाखिल होना  =  idea mind
    The idea entered into minds of the students

  4. घुसना  =  thorn body
    The thorn entered into the legs

  5. दर्ज करना  =  law, event
    The case was entered in the court

  6. भर्ति करना  =  admission human
    The school entered the students name into the registered

  7. भरती होना  =  army
    He entered into the army

  8. डालना  =  computer data
    We entered the data into the computer

  9. भर्ती करना  =  hospital
    The patience was admitted into the hospital

  10. आना  =  new life
    The new born baby entered into a new life

  11. प्रवेश करना  =  place
    Silence fell as i entered the room

  12. जाना  =  school
    He entered the school

  13. प्रविष्ट कराना  =  animal, contest
    To entered the horses in the race

  14. आना  =  church
    He entered the churuch to confess

  15. नाम लिखाना  =  competition
    He entered the singing competition

  16. डालना  =  data
    We entered the data in the computer

  17. प्रविष्ट होना  =  human, contest
    To entered the miss universe competition

  18. दाखिल होना  =  place
    He entered from the door

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