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Early Definitions and meaning in English

  1. at or near the beginning of a period of time or course of events or before the usual or expected time
  2. being or occurring at an early stage of development
  3. of the distant past
  4. very young
  5. of an early stage in the development of a language or literature
  6. expected in the near future
  1. during an early stage
  2. before the usual time or the time expected
  3. in good time

Early Sentences in English

  1. पूर्वकालीन  =  action
    an early hours of day

  2. पहले  =  product
    early varities of peas and tomatoes mature before the standard varities

  3. आरम्भिक  =  season
    early spring

  4. निकटतम  =  near future, time
    look for an early end to the negotiations

  5. जल्दी  =  time
    took an early retirement

  6. प्रारंभिक
    The project is still in the early stages.

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