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  1. owed and payable immediately or on demand
  2. proper and appropriate
  3. unpaid; owing money
  4. appropriate
  5. proper
  1. directly or exactly
  2. straight
  3. directly
  1. expected reward

due Sentences in English

  1. प्रप्य  =  date
    Payment should be made on or before the due date.

  2. प्रप्य  =  leave
    I'm still due fifteen days leave.

  3. बकाया  =  money
    Have they been paid the money due to them.

  4. के कारन  =  because of
    Absent due to illness.

  5. उचित  =  proper
    After due consideration.

  6. उप्युक्त  =  suitable
    She is due for promotion soon.

  7. निश्चित  =  sure
    His book is due to be published in october.

  8. सीधे  =  straight
    Walk three miles due north.

  9. देय  =  debt
    I have not paid my dues yet.

  10. उपयुक्त  =  right
    He received a large reward, which was no more than his due.

  11. शुल्क  =  subscription
    Trade unions dues.

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