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  1. a single serving of a beverage
  2. the act of drinking alcoholic beverages to excess
  3. any liquid suitable for drinking
  4. any large deep body of water
  5. the act of swallowing
  6. beverage; alcoholic beverage
  1. take in liquids
  2. consume alcohol
  3. propose a toast to
  4. be fascinated or spell-bound by
  5. drink excessive amounts of alcohol
  6. be an alcoholic
  7. take in liquid

drink Sentences in English

  1. शराब  =  alcohol
    Get the drink for party.

  2. थोड़ा  =  amount
    Have a drink of water.

  3. शराब  =  amount of alcohol
    He's had one drink too many.

  4. पेय  =  liquid
    Soft drinks.

  5. शराब पीना  =  action
    Drink is growing problem among the young.

  6. सलामती जाम पीईना  =  human matter toast
    We drank to the bride and groom

  7. खाना  =  human air
    He drank the air

  8. लेना  =  human air
    He drank the air

  9. बर्बाद करना  =  human human
    He is drinking himself

  10. उड़ा देना  =  human money
    He drank the money into the drink

  11. खाना  =  human time
    He drank my valuable time

  12. सहना  =  human troubles
    He drank his truoubles away

  13. खाली करना  =  volitional thing container
    They drank the container

  14. सोख लेना  =  absorb
    The plants drink water.

  15. शराब पीना  =  take alcohol
    He never drinks.

  16. पीना  =  water
    He drank water.

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