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  1. flowing in drops
  2. let or cause to fall in drops
  3. propel, "Carry the ball"
  4. let saliva drivel from the mouth
  1. trickle

dribble Sentences in English

  1. लार
    There was dribble all down the baby's front.

  2. बूंद
    Add just a dribble of oil.

  3. रिसाव
    The dribble has to be stopped.

  4. लार टपकाना
    Take care the baby doesn't dribble over your suit.

  5. लुढ़काते हुए ले जाना
    She dribbled the ball the length of the field.

  6. टपकना
    Melted wax dribbled down the side of the candle.

  7. टपकाना
    Dribble a little olive oil over the salad.

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