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doubtful Definitions and meaning in English

  1. open to doubt or suspicion
  2. fraught with uncertainty or doubt
  3. unsettled in mind or opinion
  4. questionable
  5. unclear
  6. not believing

doubtful Sentences in English

  1. संदिग्ध  =  dishonest
    A witness of dobutful character.

  2. संदेह  =  doubt
    It is extremely dobutful that anyone survived the explosion.

  3. संदिग्ध  =  not sure
    I feel dobutful about going whether to go or not.

  4. अनिश्चित  =  uncertain
    The weather looks rather dobutful.

  5. विवादास्पद
    The candidate's doubtful past

  6. संदेहास्पद
    The candidate's doubtful past

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