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  1. a discrimination between things as different and distinct
  2. high status importance owing to marked superiority
  3. a distinguishing quality
  4. a distinguishing difference
  5. differentiation; feature
  6. prominence; achievement

distinction Sentences in English

  1. अन्तर  =  difference
    Distinction between serious and popular literature / it is necessary to make a distinction between love and infatuation.

  2. विभेद  =  division
    Provide social and political freedom without distinction.

  3. सम्मान  =  honour human
    Win the highest distinction for bravery.

  4. गौरव  =  honour
    She had a distinction of being the first women to swim the channel.

  5. विशिष्टता  =  quality
    Writer of distinction

  6. प्रतिष्ठा  =  rank
    I got a distinction in my geography exam.

  7. पार्थक्य  =  separateness
    Distinctions of birth and wealth.

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