directly meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of directly

directly Antonyms

directly Definitions and meaning in English

  1. without deviation
  2. without anyone or anything intervening
  3. without delay or hesitation
  4. with no time intervening
  5. in a forthright manner
  6. candidly or frankly
  7. the shortest route
  8. as soon as possible
  9. straightforwardly

directly Sentences in English

  1. स्पष्टतः  =  clearly
    It's directly opposite to the church.

  2. स्पष्ट रुप से  =  manner
    She didn't answer directly but sat silently for a few moments.

  3. जल्दी  =  quickly
    Tell them i will be there directly.

  4. सीधे  =  straight
    He looked directly at us.

  5. तुरन्त  =  immediately
    I went home directly i had finished work.

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