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deliberate Definitions and meaning in English

  1. by conscious design or purpose
  2. with care and dignity
  3. produced or marked by conscious design or premeditation
  4. marked by careful consideration or reflection
  5. carefully thought out in advance
  6. intentional
  1. think about carefully
  2. weigh
  3. discuss the pros and cons of an issue
  4. think about seriously; discuss

deliberate Sentences in English

  1. सोद्देश्य  =  unintentional
    The deliberate killing of unarmed civilians

  2. सावधान  =  careful
    She has a slow, deliberate way of talking

  3. सुविचारित
    A deliberate attempt to defraud

  4. जान-बूझ कर किया हुआ
    A deliberate attempt to defraud

  5. ठीक से सोचना  =  think
    She deliberated for a moment and then spoke

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