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  1. causing or capable of causing death
  2. of an instrument of certain death
  3. extremely poisonous or injurious
  4. producing venom
  5. involving loss of divine grace or spiritual death
  6. exceedingly harmful
  7. (of a disease) having a rapid course and violent effect
  8. causing end of life
  9. ghostly
  1. as if dead
  2. as if produced by death
  3. (used as intensives) extremely

deadly Sentences in English

  1. घातक  =  dangerous
    Deadly weapons / a deadly spill of radioactive waste products

  2. अत्यधिक  =  exceedingly
    Deadly seriousness

  3. अत्यधिक  =  extreme
    The deadly monotony of her life

  4. अत्यधिक  =  extremely
    She uses wit with deadly effect

  5. जानलेवा  =  fatal
    Deadly poision

  6. जानलेवा  =  intense
    They are deadly enemies

  7. अत्यन्त  =  very much
    I'am in deadly earnest

  8. विषैला
    Deadly snakes of india

  9. ज़हरीला
    Deadly snakes of india

  10. मौत सा  =  deathlike
    Deadly pale

  11. बहुत ही  =  terribly
    Deadly cold

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