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  1. the time after sunrise and before sunset while it is light outside
  2. light during the daytime
  3. light part of 24 hours

daylight Sentences in English

  1. दिन दहाड्ॅए  =  daring
    Four pounds for two sandwiches it's daylight robbery .

  2. दिन  =  daytime
    I have not seen your house in daylight before.

  3. दिन का प्रकाश  =  light during the daytime
    The colours look different when viewed in daylight.

  4. दिन के उजाले  =  light
    The colour looked different when viewed in daylight.

  5. सुबह  =  morning
    Before daylight.

  6. रोशनीई  =  solution
    I struggled with the problem for four hours before i saw daylight.

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