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cut down Definitions and meaning in English

  1. cut down
  1. cut down on
  2. make a reduction in
  3. cut with sweeping strokes
  4. as with an ax or machete
  5. cause to come or go down
  6. intercept (a player)
  7. cut with a blade or mower
  8. cause to fall by or as if by delivering a blow
  9. fell

cut down Sentences in English

  1. काटकर गिराना  =  cause to fall
    Cut down a tree.

  2. मरना  =  die
    He was cut down by pneumonia at an early age.

  3. छोटा कर देना  =  make shorter
    Cut down a pair of trousers.

  4. कटौती करना  =  reduce
    Cut down one's expenses.

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