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  1. a mechanical damper
  2. absorbs energy of sudden impulses
  3. a soft bag filled with air or a mass of padding such asfeathers or foam rubber etc.
  4. pillow
  5. pad
  1. protect from impact
  2. pad
  3. protect from blow

cushion Sentences in English

  1. बढोत्तरीई  =  increase
    The three goals they scored in the first half give them a useful cushion.

  2. अधिकता  =  mass
    A cushion of moss on the rock.

  3. दूर रखना  =  keep separate
    A child who has been cushioned from unpleasant experiences.

  4. बचाना  =  protect
    Wage increases have cushioned us against the effects of the higher prices.

  5. गद्दी लगाना  =  provide
    A stool with a cushioned seat.

  6. शक्ति कम करना  =  soften
    Powerful shock absorbers cushion our landing.

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