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  1. hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window)
  2. any barrier to communication or vision
  3. window covering
  1. provide with drapery

curtain Sentences in English

  1. मंचभिनन्दन  =  curtain call
    She took seven curtain calls

  2. नाटक  =  action
    After final curtain we went backstage

  3. मृत्यु  =  death
    It looked like curtains for another mobster

  4. पर्दा  =  material
    As the curtain rises, a dead body is seen on the stage

  5. बाधा  =  obstacle
    A curtain of trees

  6. नाटक  =  performance
    Tonight's curtain is at 7.30

  7. समय  =  time
    An 8.30 curtain

  8. पर्दा लगाना  =  human
    He curtain the window

  9. पर्दे से ढँकना  =  place
    To curtain all the rooms

  10. पर्दा लगाना  =  place
    To curtain window

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