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  1. someone who has committed (or been legally convicted of) a crime
  2. a circular segment of a curve
  3. a long staff with one end being hook shaped
  4. criminal
  5. thief
  1. bend or cause to bend
  2. bend
  3. angle

crook Sentences in English

  1. बीमार
    I am feeling a bit crook.

  2. हुक वाली लाठी
    A long stick with a hook at one end, used especially in the past by shepherds for catching sheep

  3. अपराधी
    Used especially about people in the past - a person who has done sth illegal and is hiding to avoid being caught; a person who is not protected by the law

  4. धोखेबाज़
    Beware of crooks.

  5. मोड़
    He was carrying a gun in the crook of his arm.

  6. मोड़ना  =  bend
    She winked and crooked a finger at him.

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