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  1. the total spent for goods or services including money and time and labor
  2. the property of having material worth (often indicated by the amount of money something would bring if sold)
  3. value measured by what must be given or done or undergone toobtain something
  4. expense; price paid
  1. be priced at
  2. require to lose, suffer, or sacrifice
  3. command a price of
  4. harm; exact a penalty

cost Sentences in English

  1. क़ीमत  =  price
    The new computer system has been installed at a cost of $80,000

  2. क़ीमत  =  sacrifice
    The battle was won at great cost in human lives

  3. अदालाती ख़र्च  =  law
    Pay a $1000 fine and $2000 costs

  4. ख़र्च  =  expense
    The costs involved in starting a business

  5. मूल्य  =  worth
    The cost of the book

  6. लागत
    The details of cost and technical know-how

  7. महँगा पड़ना  =  activity amount
    This scheme is costing 10 billion pounds to the tax-payers

  8. महँगा पड़ना  =  activity life
    Dangerous driving could cost your life

  9. जान लेना  =  activity life
    Dangerous driving could cost your life

  10. जरूरत होना  =  activity manpower
    The project will cost us a manpower of about 30 man-months

  11. तक पुरा होना  =  activity time
    The project will cost us 2 years of dedicated effort

  12. क़ीमत की होना  =  goods amount
    These chairs cost $40 each

  13. क़ीमत में पड़ना  =  goods amount
    These chairs cost me rs 40 each

  14. मूल्य आंकना  =  human estimate
    The builder costed the job at $150

  15. क़ीमत चुकानी पड़ना  =  matters sacrifice matters
    This dam will cost many lives and lot of material

  16. मजूरी ठहराना  =  organization estimate
    The company costed the labour at rs 100 per day

  17. दाम आंकना  =  organization estimate
    The company costed the new project at rs 100000

  18. कीमत होना  =  thing
    These shoes cost rs 100

  19. का होना  =  thing
    This shoe cost rs 100

  20. पड़ना  =  human, event
    This chair cost me 30 rupees

  21. मूल्य आंकना  =  activity
    They costed the project at 5,00,000/-

  22. निश्चित करना  =  goods
    They have costed a chair at rs 15

  23. महँगा पड़ना  =  human
    It will cost you to go by train

  24. मजदूरी ठहराना  =  labour
    They costed the labor at rs 50 per day per head

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