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cord Definitions and meaning in English

  1. a line made of twisted fibers or threads
  2. a unit of amount of wood cut for burning
  3. 128 cubic feet
  4. a light insulated conductor for household use
  5. a cut pile fabric with vertical ribs
  6. usually made of cotton
  7. rope
  1. stack in cords
  2. bind or tie with a cord

cord Sentences in English

  1. काड्राय  =  cloth
    Ard trousers, skirts etc.

  2. डोरी  =  string
    Arcels tied with cords.

  3. काडेआय की पतलून  =  trousere
    Man wearing the blue cards.

  4. रज्जु  =  body
    He spinal cord.

  5. तन्तु  =  body
    The vocal cards.

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