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  1. the state of being suitable or opportune
  2. the quality of being useful and convenient
  3. a toilet that is available to the public
  4. a device that is very useful for a particular job
  5. availability
  6. usefulness; useful thing
  7. spare time

convenience Sentences in English

  1. सहूलियत  =  ease
    T was a great convenience to have the doctor living near us.

  2. सुख सुविधा की वस्तु  =  helpful appliances
    He house has all the modern conveniences.

  3. सुख सुविधा की वस्तुएँ  =  helpful appliances
    He house has all the modern conveniences.

  4. शौचालय  =  lavatory
    Here is a public convenience on the corner of the street.

  5. सुविधा  =  suitable
    Library planned for the user's convenience.

  6. मशीन
    Get this particular convenience for best desired results.

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