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  1. continue a certain state, condition, or activity
  2. continue with one's activities
  3. keep or maintain in unaltered condition
  4. cause to remain or last
  5. move ahead
  6. travel onward in time or space
  7. allow to remain in a place or position
  8. carry forward
  9. continue after an interruption
  10. continue in a place, position, or situation
  11. exist over a prolonged period of time

Continue Sentences in English

  1. चलता रहना  =  activity
    If sales continue at their present rate , we will make record profits this year

  2. जारी रहना  =  event
    The fighting continued for a week

  3. होना  =  existence
    The bad weather continued for two weeks

  4. जारी रखना  =  human
    Contnue your work

  5. जारी रहना  =  road
    The road continues for another five miles

  6. जारी होना  =  thing
    The story will be continued next week

  7. शुरू होना  =  stop, event
    After a short break the game continued

  8. बने रहना  =  linger
    She continued as deputy mayor for another year

  9. शुरूवात करना  =  resume
    We continued to rehearse after the break

  10. क़ायम रखना  =  event human
    I will continue her for the same job

  11. जारी रखना  =  activity
    He continued his running after the small break

  12. जारी रखना  =  duty
    Please continue your duty

  13. रखना  =  human
    We cannot continue several servants any longer

  14. जारी रखना  =  job
    He continued his job

  15. क़ायम रहना  =  position
    She continued the position of Manager

  16. क़ायम रखना  =  rank
    She continued her First Class

  17. जारी रखना  =  thing
    He continued writing his diaries until he died

  18. जारी रखना  =  trial
    He continued his trial to pass in the Exam

  19. शुरू करना  =  utterance
    He continued his speech after the latecomers came

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