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  1. manner of acting or conducting yourself
  2. (behavioral attributes) the way a person behaves towardother people
  1. direct the course of
  2. manage or control
  3. lead, as in the performance of a composition
  4. behave in a certain manner
  5. transmit or serve as the medium for transmission
  6. take somebody somewhere
  7. lead musicians in the performance of

Conduct Sentences in English

  1. आचरण  =  behaviour
    he prisoner was released early because of good conduct.

  2. प्रणाली  =  way
    here was growing criticism of the Government's conduct of the war.

  3. संचालित करना  =  direct
    concert by the phietharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Sir colin Davis.

  4. मार्गदर्शन करना  =  guide
    guide conducted the visitors round the museum.

  5. संचालन करना  =  manage
    onduct business,a meeting,negosiations,etc.

  6. संचालन करना  =  pass
    opper conducts electricity better than other materials do.

  7. आचरण करना
    They conducted themselves well during these difficult times.

  8. व्यवहार करना
    They conducted themselves well during these difficult times.

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