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communicate Definitions and meaning in English

  1. transmit information
  2. transmit thoughts or feelings
  3. transfer to another
  4. join or connect
  5. be in verbal contact
  6. interchange information or ideas
  7. administer communion
  8. in church
  9. receive Communion, in the Catholic church
  10. give or exchange information
  11. ideas
  12. mutually exchange information

communicate Sentences in English

  1. जुड़ा होना  =  connected
    Y garden communicates with one next door by means of the gate.

  2. पहुँचाना  =  convey
    He officer communicated his orders to the men by radio.

  3. सूचना का आदान प्रदान करना  =  exchange
    The police communicate by radio.

  4. व्यक्त करना  =  express
    His poem communicates the author's despair.

  5. सम्पर्क बनाना  =  relate
    Politician must be able to communicate .

  6. फैलाना  =  transmit
    Ommunicate a disease.

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