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Ability, Absolutism, Act, Adjuration, Adjure, Administer, Aplomb, Appoint, Authority, Authorization, Bid, Bidding, Ban, Behest, Call, Canon, Caveat, Charge, Citation, Authorize, Bar, Beckon, Call for, Call on, Call upon, Check, Cite, Boss, Coach, Coerce, Dictation, Control, Compel, Dominate, Commandment, Decree, Demand, Devoir, Dictate, Dictum, Direction, Duty, Edict, Enactment, Exaction, Fiat, Coercion, Compulsion, Constraint, Despotism, Domination, Dominion, Expertise, Expertness, Government, Debar, Direct, Enact, Enjoin, Exact, Forbid, Grant, Conduct, Conquer, Constrain, Curb, Determine, Domineer, Force, Govern, Mastery, Instruction, Statement, Program line, Require, Overlook, Overtop, Imperative, Imposition, Injunction, Interdiction, Law, Mandate, Notification, Obligation, Order, Ordinance, Precept, Prescript, Proclamation, Prohibition, Proscription, Regulation, Request, Requirement, Requisition, Responsibility, Rule, Grasp, Grip, Hold, Jurisdiction, Know-how, Leadership, Management, Might, Prerogative, Primacy, Restraint, Right, Royalty, Skill, Sovereignty, Strings, Impose, Inflict, Inhibit, Instruct, Interdict, Lay down the law, Oblige, Ordain, Ordinate, Proclaim, Prohibit, Restrain, Rule out, Send for, Set, Guide, Head, Hinder, Influence, Lead, Manage, Officiate, Oppress, Overbear, Override, Predominate, Prescribe, Preside over, Prevail, Push, Regulate, Reign, Repress, Run, Stop, Subdue, Subpoena, Summons, Ultimatum, Warrant, Will, Word, Writ, Supervision, Supremacy, Sway, Tyranny, Upper hand, Summon, Take charge, Task, Tell, Warn, Superintend, Supervise, Take over, Tyrannize, Wield

command Definitions and meaning in English

  1. an authoritative direction or instruction to do something
  2. a military unit or region under the control of a single officer
  3. the power or authority to command
  4. availability for use
  5. a position of highest authority
  6. great skillfulness and knowledge of some subject or activity
  7. (computer science) a line of code written as part of acomputer program
  8. directive
  9. instruction
  10. rule
  11. power
  1. be in command of
  2. make someone do something
  3. demand as one's due
  4. look down on
  5. exercise authoritative control or power over
  6. demand
  7. rule
  8. have power

command Sentences in English

  1. नियंत्रण  =  control
    An admiral in command

  2. आदेश  =  order
    Fire when i give the command

  3. प्रभुत्व  =  ability
    She has a good command over english

  4. आदेश  =  order
    Her commands were quickly obeyed

  5. अधिकार  =  right
    An admiral in command

  6. पहरा  =  view
    The command of the valley from the hill

  7. निपुणता
    A good command of french

  8. दक्षता
    A good command of french

  9. आदेश देना  =  human human
    The chief commanded his men to attack

  10. दर्शाना  =  thing thing
    The hill commands the sea

  11. नियंत्रण रखना  =  control action
    Command the military forces

  12. आदेश देना  =  order
    The general commanded that regiment attack at once

  13. नियंट्रण में रखना  =  control
    The ship's captain commands all the officers and men

  14. माँग करना  =  action
    The author commands a fair hearing from his readers

  15. देना  =  attention
    He commands much attention for his duty

  16. क़ाबू पाना  =  emotion
    She commanded her feelings

  17. लेना  =  fees
    "supermodels" can command extremely high fees

  18. प्राप्त करना  =  goods
    He can command more goods

  19. हुक्म देना  =  human, order
    The officer commanded his men to fire

  20. आदेश देना  =  military
    The general commanded a huge military

  21. माँगना  =  money
    This speaker commands a high fee

  22. पाना  =  respect
    He commands much respect for his attitude

  23. पाना  =  sympathy
    The plight of the famine victims commands everyone's sympathy

  24. दर्शाना  =  view
    The house commands a fine view

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