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come on Definitions and meaning in English

  1. appear or become visible
  2. make a showing
  3. move towards
  4. develop in a positive way
  5. start running, functioning, or operating
  6. become available
  7. advance
  8. progress
  9. appear
  10. enter

come on Sentences in English

  1. अरे  =  vocative expresssion
    Come on, you don't believe that.

  2. मंच पर आना  =  actor
    Of an actor- to walk onto the stage

  3. आना  =  player
    Robin came on in place of sachin ten minutes before the end of the game.

  4. शुरू होना  =  begin
    I think there's rain coming on.

  5. फलना-फूलना  =  blossom
    The garden is coming on nicely.

  6. बढ़ना  =  grow
    Her baby is coming on well.

  7. जल्दी करना  =  hurry up
    Come on, we'll be late for the theatre.

  8. सुधार होना  =  improve
    His french has come on a lot since he joined the conversation class.

  9. अचानक मिलना  =  meet, accidentally
    I came on a group of children playing in the street.

  10. आना  =  release
    There's a new play coming on at the local theatre next week.

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