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Pronunciation of come to

come to Definitions and meaning in English

  1. cause to experience suddenly
  2. have to do with or be relevant to
  3. attain
  4. return to consciousness

come to Sentences in English

  1. मुल्य होना  =  amount to
    I never expected those few items to come to so much.

  2. आना  =  amount to
    The bill came to rs.300.

  3. उत्तराधिकार में मिलना  =  be inherited
    The farm came to him on his father's death.

  4. पर क़ाबू पाना  =  gain control
    The shock made her hesitate for a moment but she quickly came to herself again.

  5. सूझना  =  occur to
    The idea came to me in my bath.

  6. तक पहुँचना  =  reach
    Things have come to such a state in the company that he's thinking of resigning. situation or state of affairs

  7. होश में आना  =  regain consciousness
    Throw some water on his face- he'll soon come to.

  8. लगना  =  strike
    It suddenly came to her that she had been wrong all along.

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