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come out Definitions and meaning in English

  1. appear or become visible
  2. make oneself visible
  3. take action
  4. bulge outward
  5. to state openly and publicly one's homosexuality
  6. be made known
  7. be disclosed or revealed
  8. as of teeth, for example
  9. make public
  10. conclude

come out Sentences in English

  1. निकल आना  =  appear
    The rain stopped and the sun came out.

  2. पता चलना  =  become known
    The full story came out at the trial.

  3. बनना  =  be developed
    Our holiday photos didn't come out.

  4. प्रकाशित होना  =  be published
    When is her new novel coming out

  5. उखड़ना  =  be removed
    The little girl's tooth came out when she bit into the apple.

  6. हल होना  =  be solved
    I can't make this equation come out.

  7. फूटना  =  be spoken
    I tried to say `i love you,' but the word wouldn't come out.

  8. निकलना  =  disappear
    These ink stains won't come out .(of a dirt, etc - to be removed from sth by washing, cleaning, etc

  9. समलिंगी साबित होना  =  expose
    She's been much happier since she came out .

  10. आना  =  get
    She came out first in the examination.

  11. सामने लाना  =  introduce
    Fiona came out last season

  12. सुंदर दिखना  =  look attractive
    The bride comes out well in the photograph.(to be revealed or shown clearly

  13. खिलना  =  produce flowers
    The crocuses came out late this year because of the cold weather.

  14. निकालना  =  remove
    I can't get this screw to come out of the wall.

  15. साफ़ झलकना  =  reveal
    His arrogance comes out in every speech he makes.

  16. बोलना  =  say publicly
    In her speech, the minister came out in favour of a change in the law .

  17. स्पष्ट होना  =  become clear
    The meaning of the poem doesn't really come out in his interpretation.

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