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  1. not open or affording passage or access
  2. of a curve or surface
  3. having no end points or boundary curves
  4. of a set
  5. having members that can be produced by a specific operation on other members of the same set
  6. of an interval
  7. containing both its endpoints
  8. not open
  9. used especially of mouth or eyes
  10. requiring union membership
  11. with shutters closed
  12. not open to the general public
  13. not having an open mind
  14. blocked against entry
  15. (of the wings of birds and insects) closed together 1
  16. shut down
  17. shut
  18. out of service

close Sentences in English

  1. सीमित  =  limited
    A closed membership.

  2. संकीर्ण  =  narrow
    He has a closed mind.

  3. बंद
    Behind closed doors

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