close up meaning in hindi

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close up Definitions and meaning in English

  1. very close
  1. block passage through
  2. refuse to talk or stop talking
  3. fall silent

close up Sentences in English

  1. और क़रीब लाना  =  bring closer together
    To bring sth closer together

  2. और क़रीब आना  =  come closer together
    The sergeant major ordered the men to close up .(to come or bring sth closer together

  3. भरना  =  heal
    The cut took a long time to close up.

  4. बंद करना
    He closed the store up at 5 pm./ the owners decided to move and to close the factory up.

  5. बंद करना  =  join
    Please close the book/umbrella up.

  6. बंद करना  =  obstruct
    Close up the path.

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