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  1. a person who is almost identical to another
  2. a group of genetically identical cells or organisms derived from a single cell or individual by some kind of asexual reproduction
  3. an unauthorized copy or imitation
  4. exact duplicate
  1. make multiple identical copies of
  2. copy exactly

clone Sentences in English

  1. क्लोन संगणक  =  computing
    An ibm clone

  2. प्रतिरूप  =  person
    She's almost a clone of her mother.

  3. प्रतिरूप  =  thing
    Your computer is almost a clone of the one i have.

  4. अमिथुनक  =  animal
    Clone of dolly, the sheep

  5. क्लोन  =  animal
    Clone of dolly, the sheep

  6. अभिमिथुनक  =  plant
    Experiments to produce plant clones

  7. क्लोन  =  plant
    Experiments to produce plant clones

  8. प्रतिरूपण करना
    A team from the uk were the first to successfully clone an animal.

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