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  1. an employee who performs clerical work (e.g., keeps records or accounts)
  2. a salesperson in a store
  3. assistant
  1. work as a clerk, as in the legal business

clerk Sentences in English

  1. पेशकार  =  an official in charge
    The clerk of the court

  2. क्लर्क  =  employee
    He is the clerk of divine child school

  3. अधिकारी  =  executive-manager
    The clerk of these works

  4. विद्वान  =  scholar
    He is no great clerk

  5. विद्वान  =  wise
    He is no great clerk

  6. पेशकारी करना  =  human court
    He is clerking in the court

  7. क्लर्क का काम करना  =  human organization
    He is clerking in the big organisation

  8. मुंशी काम करना  =  human shop
    She is clerking in the jewellery shop at j b nagar

  9. पादरी का काम करना  =  church
    He is clerking at the church

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