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  1. ellipse in which the two axes are of equal length
  2. any circular or rotating mechanism
  3. orb
  4. loop
  5. round figure
  6. group of close friends
  7. associates
  1. travel around something
  2. move in circles
  3. be around
  4. form a circle around
  5. go around
  6. circumnavigate

circle Sentences in English

  1. घटना-चक्र  =  cycle
    The circle of the life

  2. काल-चक्र  =  cycle
    The circle of the seasons

  3. वृत्त  =  geometry
    Draw a circle

  4. क़तार  =  theater
    We have booked seats in the circle

  5. क्षेत्र  =  area
    A politicians has a wide circle of influence

  6. कैम्प  =  camp
    We pitched our circle near the mountain top

  7. रंग मंडप  =  circus, theater
    They have put their circle of the play in the middle of the mountains

  8. चक्र  =  circus
    The circle of th play

  9. दायरा  =  compass
    They are working within the circle of the field

  10. पंक्ति  =  file
    We have booked seats in the circle

  11. समुदाय  =  group
    The smart circle goes there

  12. गुट  =  group
    They were an angry circle

  13. चक्कर  =  lap
    He drove an extra circle just for insurance

  14. दायरा  =  place
    Canaught place is located in a circle of five kilo meters

  15. पंक्ति  =  range
    We have booked seats in the circle

  16. जमात  =  religion
    You should not create any contradiction between hindu and muslim circle

  17. घेरा  =  ring
    A circle of trees

  18. दायरा  =  ring
    The children standing in a circle

  19. परिपथ  =  road
    Accident blocked all traffic at the circle

  20. दायराआ  =  shape
    The chairs were arranged in a circle

  21. घेरा  =  space
    A circle of dancers

  22. घेरा  =  sphere
    The circle of the earth

  23. काल-चक्र  =  time
    The circle of the year

  24. चक्कर लगाना  =  human thing
    He circled the house cautiously

  25. चक्कर लगाना  =  surround thing
    The enemy circled the hill

  26. चक्कर लगाना  =  place
    The plane circled the airport before landing

  27. चक्कर काटना  =  sky
    The plane circled the sky

  28. गोल करना  =  thing
    Circle the correct answer on the exam paper

  29. गोल करना  =  word
    The teacher circled the pupil's spelling mistakes in the red ink

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