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  1. of superior grade
  2. appealing to refined taste
  3. best
  4. superior
  1. the person or thing chosen or selected
  2. the act of choosing or selecting
  3. one of a number of things from which only one can be chosen
  4. power to select; selection

choice Sentences in English

  1. उत्तम  =  beef
    A choice beef

  2. उत्तम  =  food
    Choice apples

  3. अच्छा  =  thing
    Choice paper

  4. चुनिंन्दा  =  word carefully selected
    Delivered in choice words

  5. बढिया  =  quality
    A choice wine

  6. सावधानीपूर्वक चुने हुइ  =  selected
    He summed up the situation in a few choice phrases.

  7. पसंद  =  alternative
    There is no other choice

  8. विकल्प  =  alternative
    I haven't any choice of this problem

  9. चयन  =  option
    The child had no choice about going to school

  10. पसंद  =  preference
    This book is my choice

  11. चयन  =  selection
    Your choice of colours was unfortunate

  12. चयन  =  decision
    Omen forced to make a choice between family and career.

  13. पसंद  =  human
    He was a good choice as a manager

  14. प्रकार  =  kind
    There is a wide choice of software available for this model

  15. पसन्द  =  liking
    This colour wasn't my first choice.

  16. विकल्प  =  posibilities
    Ou have several choices open to you.

  17. चारा  =  power
    The child had no choice about going to school

  18. चयन का अधिकार  =  right
    If i had a choice, i would stop working from tomorrow

  19. चुनने का अधिकार  =  right of choosing
    F i had the choice, i would stop working tomorrow.

  20. चुनाव  =  selection
    He wouldn't be my choice as manager.

  21. वस्तु का उत्तम संग्रह  =  variety
    Here is not much choice in the stores.

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