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  1. uncomfortably cool
  1. coldness due to a cold environment
  2. an almost pleasurable sensation of fright
  3. a sensation of cold that often marks the start of an infection and the development of a fever
  4. a sudden numbing dread
  1. depress or discourage
  2. make cool or cooler
  3. loose heat

Chill Sentences in English

  1. ठंडा किया हुआ
    our range of chilled products.

  2. ठण्डीई  =  cold
    here is quite a chill in the air this morning.

  3. जुकाम  =  illness
    atch a chill.

  4. ठंडापन  =  strained relation
    chill in the country's relations with Britain.

  5. सिहरन  =  tremble
    chill of fear.

  6. ठंडाना
    Let the pudding chill for an hour.

  7. ठिठूर जाना  =  event
    e were chilled by the icy wind.

  8. उदासी फैलाना  =  feeling of depression
    he news of the disaster cast a chill over the party.

  9. काऋप उठना  =  frightened
    hey were chilled at the prospect of a long and bitter war.

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