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  1. most important element
  2. most important
  3. essential
  1. a person who is in charge
  2. a person who exercises control over workers
  3. person in charge

chief Sentences in English

  1. मुख्य  =  aim
    The chief aim of living

  2. मुख्य  =  concern
    Politics is his chief concern

  3. मुख्य  =  thing
    The chief door were of solid glass

  4. महत्वपूर्ण  =  important
    Rice is the chief crop in this area

  5. मुख्य  =  main
    Policemen were chief targets

  6. प्रमुख  =  principal
    The chief river of america

  7. सर्वोच्च  =  top
    Chief administrators

  8. अधिकारी  =  foreman
    If you want to leave early you have to ask the chief

  9. अध्यक्ष  =  head
    He is the chief of this programme

  10. मुख्य  =  boss
    He is the chief of our company

  11. मालिक  =  boss
    We'll have to talk to the chief about this

  12. मुखिया  =  leader
    Mr pandye is the chief of his village

  13. प्रमुख  =  leader
    He is the chief of the bjp party

  14. नायक  =  leader
    He is the chief of the college group

  15. मालिक  =  master
    We'll have to talk to the chief about this

  16. मुख्याधिकारी  =  post
    A chief of police was killed in an encounter

  17. अधिकारी  =  status
    He is the chief of the clerks

  18. प्रमुख
    The chief of the whole operation

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