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  1. a document incorporating an institution and specifying its rights
  2. includes the articles of incorporation and the certificate of incorporation
  3. a contract to hire or lease transportation
  4. treaty
  5. agreement
  1. hold under a lease or rental agreement
  2. of goods and services
  3. grant a charter to
  4. engage for service under a term of contract
  5. reserve
  6. commission

charter Sentences in English

  1. भाड़ेवाली  =  hiring
    A charter plane.

  2. संविधान  =  constitution
    The charter of the united nations.

  3. अधिकार पत्र  =  written statement
    The european union's social charter of workers' rights.

  4. शासनपत्र  =  written statement
    Certain towns were allowed to hold weekly markets, by royal charter.

  5. किराये पर देना  =  hire out
    A chartered plane.

  6. किराये पर लेना  =  rent
    A chartered plane.

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