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  1. a seat for one person, with a support for the back
  2. the position of professor
  3. the officer who presides at the meetings of an organization
  4. an instrument of execution by electrocution
  5. resembles achair
  6. single
  7. person in or position of authority
  1. act or preside as chair, as of an academic department in a university
  2. preside over

chair Sentences in English

  1. अध्यक्ष  =  chairperson
    He is the chair of the housing committee./ please address your remarks to the chair.

  2. विद्युतीय कुर्सी  =  electric chair
    The murderer was sentenced to die in the chair.

  3. प्राध्यापक पद  =  professorship
    He holds the chair of philosophy at oxford

  4. सभापति
    Please address your remarks to the chair.

  5. चलाना  =  human, event
    Who is chairing the meeting

  6. चलाना  =  human conference
    He chaired the conference

  7. आदेश देना  =  order human
    The boss chaired the workers to finish the job within 2 weeks

  8. चलाना  =  preside over matter
    John chaired the discussionto chair a committee

  9. चलाना  =  preside
    She chaired the department for many years

  10. बैठाना  =  sit human
    They chaired him on the seat of the chairman

  11. कंधे पर उठाकर घुमाना  =  event human
    When he won the race his supporters chaired him round the field

  12. कंधे पर उठाना  =  event human
    When he won the race his supporters chaired him

  13. चलाना  =  meeting
    Who is chairing the meeting

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