Carry on meaning in bengali

Pronunciation of Carry on

Carry on Antonyms

Carry on Definitions and meaning in English

  1. direct the course of
  2. manage or control
  3. keep or maintain in unaltered condition
  4. cause to remain or last
  5. continue with one's activities
  6. misbehave badly
  7. act in a silly or improper way

Carry on Sentences in English

  1. बहस करना  =  argue
    Stop carrying on!

  2. संचालन करना  =  conduct
    He is carrying on business.

  3. जारी रखना  =  continue
    They decided to carry in spite of bad weather.

  4. के साथ प्रेम-संबन्ध होना  =  have an affair
    He's carrying on with his boss.

  5. भाग लेना  =  take part in
    carry on a conversation/discussion.

  6. अभद्र व्यवहार करना
    The children carried on when they were bored.

  7. बद्तमीज़ी से पेश आना
    The children carried on when they were bored.

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