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  1. airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc.
  2. the quantity contained in a can
  3. a buoy with a round bottom and conical top
  4. the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on
  5. a plumbing fixture for defecation and urination
  6. a room equipped with toilet facilities
  7. container
  8. usually metallic
  9. toilet
  10. buttocks
  1. preserve in a can or tin
  2. terminate the employment of
  3. be able
  4. fire from job
  5. preserve fruit
  6. vegetable

can Sentences in English

  1. बंडी गृह  =  jail, place
    He has kept in the can for a week

  2. कनस्तर  =  box
    Put the cakes in the can

  3. टीन का संदूक  =  box, safety
    She kept all the ornaments in the can for the safety

  4. बाल्टी  =  bucket
    This can holds 5 litres of water

  5. डिब्बा  =  container
    Put some oil in a can

  6. डोलची  =  handlebare
    Keep some fruits in a can

  7. डिब्बाभर  =  quantity
    Will you give me a can of oil

  8. बाल्टीभर  =  quantity
    Will you give me a can of water

  9. नौकरी से निकालना  =  human human
    The boss canned his secretary today

  10. बंद करना  =  human music
    She canned the music

  11. रोक देना  =  human story
    She suddenly canned her story

  12. समर्थ होना  =  event
    I can do this work

  13. बंद करना  =  chat
    Please can this chat

  14. रोक देना  =  conversation
    They suddenly canned their conversation

  15. डिब्बे में रखना  =  food
    She can the food

  16. काम से निकालना  =  human
    The boss canned him today

  17. बंद करना  =  speech
    Will you please can your speech

  18. निकालना  =  student, place
    The headmaster canned the student from the school

  19. स्कुल से निकालना  =  student
    The headmaster canned the student

  20. डिब्बे में रखना  =  container
    Please can the fish

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